It’s always nice to be able to communicate and to put across all that you wanted to share with someone, anyone. But it’s not always that you have an important subject in mind or you are moved to write or have an important to make about a significant issue. Sometimes you just want to reach out and say ‘hello’. So, here is a ‘hello’ to all.


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I just came across a phrase which said-
    “A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness”.

    Any explanations anyone?

  2. I just went through Aamir Khan’s blog today…..and you know,I couldn’t find anything worth reading…..though there are over thousand comments for every blog post of his,majority of what I could read were questions on whether it is actually him who is writing….

    His blog can be interesting only for those who are his die-hard fans and do not have anything else to do in this world…….not for others(atleast for people like me) Even the language doesn’t provide you with anything.Forget the expression…

  3. Amitabh Bacchan’s blog is not far behind that of Aamir’s.
    People are crazy about the posts being written by ‘BIG B’…..sometimes I do wonder……”what does being a ‘die-hard’ fan of a particular celebrity bring to your life?”

    I admit the fact that some things can n’t be explained and they are just there.But,still don’t you think that it is sheer madness?And it is this very fact that lulls the young minds towards a path that has not been made for them,they forget that it exists for ‘the selected few’.The result–they end up ruining their career,their life…waiting to get a break in one of the great movies,under ‘the greatest banners’……
    People write comments telling about the countless hours they’ve stood in front of Prateeksha just to catch a glimpse of ‘him’….This is madness…I mean……

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