Am I a competent blogger?

I doubt that very, very much. It took me over half an hour to write the last post. That’s because most of the time I was so very unhappy with the way it looked. A little bit of gap between the paragraphs, a capital letter here and a typographical error there were things I was looking at and correcting.

And that’s when I did not read back what I wrote. In fact, you can read my last post simply because I did not read it or it would have already been in the dustbin (the electronic replacement of it).Orhan

I do love writing and communicating but reading back what I wrote is not for me. Too many of corrections. I never seem to express anything in the way it should be expressed. And I am still not unhappy with myself. Ask why. Well, because I can’t help it and what you can’t help you should be happy about because the other option is being ‘sad’ about it, which seems a sadder option to me.

Is Pamuk laughing? The joke, Mr. Pamuk, is not mine, it’s me. Now laugh.


10 thoughts on “Am I a competent blogger?

  1. An incompetent blogger — sure of his incompetence — was writing in the faint hope that someone, somewhere would disagree with the obvious truth. Such an honest, see-through post.

  2. now how to react to that sir,you already know that you write so well(i am writing that though one may feel that i am being repetitive)…..we don’t have to write it essentially for others always….do we?its for our own satisfaction…..coz they are Our Thoughts…Our Words…..Our Expressions..

    nobody might’ve ever thought to comment on YOUR BLOG simply because even the smallest blog post of yours is much better in all respects–and–their comment– would not be suitable and at par with the kind of expression YOU have……so…..the conclusion is…. that…. you are simply the best……

    (and i am at a better end than all others coz i am your student…..and nobody judges me….)

  3. All right, Mr ‘INCOMPETENT’, i won’t sound repetitive by saying what mahima said, though i completely agree with her.

    Referring to u by the above mentioned adjective is not that you are an “incompetent writer” but because i want to prove that u are not, and till the time i do that, i’ll refer to u by that adjective.

    OK let me put it this way, a dancer is getting ready to perform on stage, but doesn’t want to rehearse at least 5 minutes before performing, a student sitting in an examination hall has finished the paper but doesn’t want to revise before giving it to the invigilator, an actor, watches all movies except his own movie. Now, tel me, what’s common in all these examples?

    Just one thing: “self-evaluation”.

    An artist is the best critic of himself. That student, that dancer, that actor don’t want to see their own performance, because they know they would never get satisfied with it, will continue to be self evaluative or i should say be critical.

    The moment i read this line “i can’t read my own articles as i find a lot of errors in them” the first name that struck my mind was of “Lata mangeshkar ji”. She used to say, “i never listen to my own songs because i come across a lot of mistakes”. Now tell me is she an “incompetent” singer? NO. And what makes her so “COMPETENT SINGER” do you know?
    The fact that she never listens to her own songs. Had she heard them, she would have never been satisfied, instead of that she heard songs sung by others, found their errors, and improvised on them in her own songs. This made her each performance, more better than the previous one.

    Th same is in your case. I read your previous article, which came as a shock to me as for the first time in my life i saw so many typographical errors in your article. That was the result of this “self evaluation only”. U are very right in saying that i took half an hour in writing as i was dissatisfied, every time. That shows, in your article. Let me assure you its as good as any other article of yours.
    Now, we have identified the problem. So, there must be any solution for it. Yes, there is a solution, do the following two things when writing your next article:

    1. First of all, before writing the article, close your eyes and say “Iam
    just HEMRAJ, not HRS”. (remember i told u, that the words are of Hemraj
    and the pen is caught by HRS, but sometimes it happens the other way round and that results in your dissatisfaction)

    2. And when you finish writing, do not read that again. At all, if u feel like doing that, again repeat the above procedure.
    Write like HEMRAJ and also read like HEMRAJ. If HRS reads what HemRaj has written, he would never be satisfied, and u would end up referring urself with that adjective, making all your readers utterly bewildered, especially me!

    And one more thing, Write like HEMRAJ and read the articles written by others as HRS. You know what you do, u write like HRS and read like HemRaj. Y do u do that? Just put this HRS aside once, when writing and put HEMRAJ aside when reading others.

    Have you heard that saying, “ghar ka jogi jogda, aan gaanv ka siddh?”
    That is exactly what happens with you. Just pick up any edition of lawyers update and see how others write. U’ll notice that they are really boring and to the point. The beginning and ending of the article is very monotonous. At the same time read your articles, beautifully written, well drafted, amazing beginning, perfect ending, best usage of words(i don’t understand half of them, until i open the dictionary), and above all, short and precise.
    Be proud man! look at those who can’t even dream of writing anywhere close to what you write. Be proud about the fact that lawyers update has 5 to six columns, specifically yours. Be proud that people sitting in constitution club, prefer reading ur articles than listening to the chief justice of Delhi high court (remember , that desperate soul?)
    Be proud of being HRS, be proud of the fact that there are people who even remember the beginning of ur articles by heart (i do remember, wanted, a Wednesday, body building and rdb’s beginning).

    And now, the answer to your million dollar question which i have got irritated of reading again and again : Why do u not have (had) readers of your blog?”
    The answer is “samajh ayega to padhenge na” (ha ha ha)
    NO iam not joking, half of the people get amazed by ur vocabulary (main to hamesha dictionary leke baithti hun), and rest of them don’t have your divine vision (“divyadrishti”) to understand ur thoughts.
    Not everybody can understand this “A mother and a child never die in a woman, they continue to co-exist in her always.”
    Do u realize how deep it is, how mesmerizing it is, how sexy it is?(sorry, i don’t intended to be vulgar, just expressing myself being a woman)
    It works like an X Ray. When i initially read the line my reaction was “Oh my God, how can he read me so well?
    Logon k paas waqt hi kahan ye sab sochne ka aur mil bhi jaye, toh samjhega kaun?

    Socrates, Meera bai, Gandhi ji, and all philosophers and gr8 people, were never understood by common people. They had a few followers and many critics. So, u are one of them and hence u have a few followers and readers, but they love you from the core of their hearts. (Yes, i know what, u r thinking. Had to purposely make the subject of the sentence “plural” 🙂 )

    Remember i said “When people start criticizing you, samajh lo tarakki kar rahe ho”
    Now i modify it further, Jab log buraai bhi karna band kar dein, tumhe notice karna band kar dein to samajhna tarakki kar “chuke ho” aur vo bhi itni ki log tumhari uunchaai tak pahunch nahi paa rahe!!!!

    So, now hoping that u will follow those 2 steps while writing ur next article, and hoping not to find a single typographical error (if there’ll be any we would correct but it should only be an error and not the result of “self evaluation”), i hereby prefer shutting up and not wasting much of your time.

    And yes, next time be very careful before even thinking to refer urself by adjectives, like “incompetent”, because that would hurt your readers a lot.


    1. Another thing Astha, I do not see a problem with my dissatisfaction with myself. It is possible that I am highly self-critical, but that’s not a problem to me. So, no solution is needed. Secondly, I do not see a distinction between HRS and HemRaj Singh. The former is simply the abbreviation of the latter.

  4. Moreover, the article i referred to was “indebted to words”. Though it has few typographical errors but i unconsciously, made it “too many”, the reason i guess is that i am not used to having any errors by you. It was a rarity to see them.

  5. Your being self critical may not be a problem to u, but it definitely hurts your readers as they have full faith in you.

    bade badaii na karein, bade na bolein bol,
    heera mukh se kab kahe, laakh taka mera mol?”

    If the moon says, i don’t spread light, i spread darkness, then? People will be shocked at this statement. By saying this, the moon is offending all those people who get a soothing feeling through its light. When something is so obvious, how can you question it?

    So, may it be not problematic to you, but its a big problem for all of us!!!

  6. No problem. Even if there are typographical errors, it nowhere affects the beauty of the article. To “err” is human.
    HRS still remains the best for all of us.

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