Too judgmental, too soon?

To err is human. And to judge too is equally human. We stand beside the grave of a person and tell other what a good man he was or what good deeds he did. That’s his post-mortem report card announced allowed. And in this report card he would always get full marks, for the last report card must look good. Judging comes naturally to us. We often forget that to judge we need a standard and we all seem to carry our own set of standards. And we also have the guts to apply it anywhere and everywhere. Recently, Saudi Arabia punished a lady for “being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape.”  And it created a ruckus everywhere. So, much so that a website compared the judiciary in Saudi Arabia with the US judiciary (Saudi Arabia and US judiciaries: Are they similar?).What is right in the US may not be right in Saudi Arabia and vice versa. The same goes for wrong also. I said as much on the website that hosted the debate.

But it’s nice to know that people at least care to voice their opinions. That’s the beginning and the basis of a democratic culture. I am not implying that democracy is desirable, I am just saying that if it considered desirable, let’s practice it in its truest form.


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