Writing for writing; Supreme Court Ruling

Confession first, I am writing not because I have something to say to my reader (are there any?) but simply because it has been quite a while since I wrote last. Before December 11, 2007, I had written on November 28, 2007, which makes it a gaping gap of over 12 days. So, I thought of putting in a few words to inform my readers (imaginary) that I am still here and would be writing every now and then. Writing for writing’s sake is not exactly an appreciable exercise because I don’t think anyone reads for ‘reading’s sake’. I’ll be back when I have something to say. At this point of time what is uppermost in my mind is the recent Supreme Court (Indian) ruling pertaining to the Public Interest Litigation. The Court has cautioned against ‘judicial adventurism’ and has asked the Supreme Court and the High Courts to exercise ‘restraint’. Does it mean that courtrooms will no longer be available as a platform to seek redressal? Does it imply that elections are the only way to have one’s voice heard? If it is so, it must also be remembered that lone voices, no matter how just, are always drowned in the deafening clamour of ‘noisy’ voices.  



One thought on “Writing for writing; Supreme Court Ruling

  1. Hello sir,

    This is just to inform you that u have at least one reader nd dats me. It ws fun goin thru your blog. Just in case u dont remember me, i was the tall guy who had problem distinguishing culpable homicide and murder….uils batch 2007-08.
    I was searching for some articles on judicial adventurism on google nd found your blog. I ws actually lookin for a definition but didnt find any, so i made up one –

    “Judicial decisions which seek to create laws instead of enforcing them.”

    Context – DELHI HC ruling – There can be no interview of children for admission to nursery schools. Later SC said that there was no statue or statutory rule which prohibits such interview.

    Did i get it right?? i m sure i didn’t…. Please define it for me…

    AND hope u will find more readers, BEST OF LUCK ..

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