The unread blog and absolute freedom!

It has been a very long time since I last wrote. I have never used this blog to push a point or even make one. It is simply a comfortable place for me where I mostly talk to myself, where I drive word after word just for the pleasure of stringing together sentence after sentence.

For doing that one needs time and leisure and something – or even nothing – to talk about. For a couple of months I have not found enough time to write this blog. This blog is also a comfortable place because I have no pressure to write or talk because I have so far read absolutely no comment on it. So, I can safely conclude that nearly nobody is reading what I write and even if I have a few of the passerby glance at it, they simply pass by without paying a serious attention. And this is freedom! Real freedom!!

Freedom to think without having to justify your thoughts, freedom to write without anyone to judge your words, freedom to speak without having to say, freedom to throw words without being accountable for them. If there could be any absolute freedom, this is what it would feel like to have it. What more could I ask of a blog. A blog unread gave me more than a well read blog could because when people read, they expect. And there is no burden heavier than the burden of expectation.


4 thoughts on “The unread blog and absolute freedom!

  1. I agree with you. A writer, when writing should only talk to himself, without expecting anyone else to read what he has written. It seriously doesn’t make a difference whether people read or not, because writing is an ‘art’, or rather a ‘kala’ and a writer is an ‘artist’. An artist always tries to express himself through his art, only the mode of expression is different. A dancer never dances to show others, s/he dances to express himself/herself.
    “Kala aaradhana hoti hai” and when we do aaradhana or worship, we never do it to show others that we are doing it, we do it to get the innermost satisfaction and connect ourselves to “God”.
    In such a case i guess, the artist should be least bothered about whether people do notice his art or not.

    In your case iam very sure that when you finish writing an article or when you see it published in lawyers’ update, the satisfaction you get at that moment can’t be given to u by any other thing in this world.

    Don’t u feel connected to yourself at that time or i should say does it not fee like seeing a ‘mirror’? Iam sure it does. So, when seeing a mirror, why bother about whether people see u seeing yourself or not?

    Next time, when you read your own article, remember this comment of mine and you’ll realize “HRS” meeting “HEMRAJ” and telling him, Hey, dude! well done….
    (The person who holds the pen while writing is HRS but the words are of HEMRAJ. The real ‘you’ can be hidden from rest of the world but comes out in your articles, as an “Artist” is the most real form of a person.

    You are HRS when teaching, when researching, when discussing law, when taking to people, but when you write, you are only “HEMRAJ”.
    (Remember Keshriji’s comment, “this is the real hemraj ‘no-strings attached’ and your response “There is a multiplicity of the real me”?”)
    He was very right and i don’t agree with you at this.

    There can be multiplicity of how a person behaves in general, but there is only one real “him” which comes out when he is in anger, pain, is extremely emotional and when he does the work which he is passionate about.

    Writing is the passion of “HEMRAJ”.
    So, now i guess i have proved that next time when u read your article, u’ll find HRS meeting HEMRAJ.

    And that meeting should be very private, and not be interluded by other readers. If they read, its good, (though it is intrusion of your privacy or in your words, restriction on your freedom) and if they don’t read, then its ‘better’.
    They are loosing a lot by not reading and you are benefited in both the cases.

    I apologize for interluding your “private meeting” with HEMRAJ, and i promise to keep apologizing in future as i’ll continue reading all your articles in future too.


  2. HemRaj sir!!!
    your fans and followers do go through every article of yours. they do like every sentence of it. trust me, you are loved by all of us for what you are.
    some fans of yours got to know you just a few months back… and so they feel nobody would really pay attention to the comments posted in 2014 to the blogs of 2011.
    that is why you don’t see comments by your ‘new’ or ‘biggest’ fan as I say!! 🙂

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