Let cheerleaders lead and leaders follow

Our leaders – who, of course, can’t cheer us – are turning the heat onto the cheerleaders, who are apparently doing a better job. So, is it jealousy or plain insecurity? What if one the more popular cheerleaders contested elections? Someone could – and perhaps would – lose. Legitimate threat, I would say. And if it is a defence against possible competition, let our poor leaders not lose their plush jobs to politically illiterate, young girls. But, on second thought, wouldn’t they just be as good as any of our politicians — only younger and certainly better looking.

After all, our bundles of political wisdom do little more than indulge in petty politicking. The cheerleaders wouldn’t do that, and could be more entertaining than a certain Minister heading the state-owned mode of transport. If we could tolerate that buffoonery, we can tolerate almost anything.

So, why not give one of the young cheerleaders a chance. They can’t fare any worse.


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