Quiet chisel

Possibly, most of the writers would not like to return to the pre-computer age, just like the writers before them did not want to return to pre-typewriter age and the ones before them did not want anything to do with pre-paper and pre-ink days and so on.

The fact is that the tools that we use to shape things shape us back. And if we exercise some control over them, they too have certain influence on us. The relation between the creator and created is established through a means and the means informs both of them in equal measure. And both of them are equally oblivious to the subtle influence of the quite chisel.


One thought on “Quiet chisel

  1. well…it would not be incorrect to compare the chisel to a catalyst…….if we

    talk in scientific terms…..it completes the required process….has an

    equal effect on BOTH reactants and products…..BUT towardsm the end….

    we observe…the act is done and the catalyst…the chisel …is the same……

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