Alternative truth

The other day while delivering a lecture I happened to talk of cause and effect. Of course, nothing new about it. But suddenly I found myself talking of multiple causes to a single effect and realized that it is very much possible that all the factors that contribute to a certain effect may not be visible and the invisible might as well have the greatest impact on the final result and we might still be sifting through the visible factors and then finally end up attributing the result to the cumulative effect of all factors. And that would be a credible ‘scientific’ inference based on verifications and cross-verifications. However, since the inference is scientific in nature, it would be considered unimpeachable unless disproved scientifically.

This implies that in view of a scientific inference, we’ll be blind to the actual cause-effect relationship and may even declare any alternative explanation ‘imaginary’ or ‘superstitious’.

The fact is unless we know everything about everything we cannot claim to conclusively know anything. Our knowledge, therefore, is nearly always limited and forever questionable. So, there is always a possibility of there being an absolutely new explanation for age old happenings unseating longstanding, conventional, scientific conclusions. Quite amusing, isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Alternative truth

  1. Hello sir,

    This is just to inform you that u have at least one reader nd dats me. It ws fun goin thru your blog. Just in case u dont remember me, i was the tall guy who had problem distinguishing culpable homicide and murder….uils batch 2007-08.
    I was searching for some articles on judicial adventurism on google nd found your blog. I ws actually lookin for a definition but didnt find any, so i made up one –

    “Judicial decisions which seek to create laws instead of enforcing them.”

    Context – DELHI HC ruling – There can be no interview of children for admission to nursery schools. Later SC said that there was no statue or statutory rule which prohibits such interview.

    Did i get it right?? i m sure i didn’t…. Please define it for me…

    AND hope u will find more readers, BEST OF LUCK ..

    1. This reply is meant to be read only by “Hemendra Sharma”.
      For your very kind information, which i think is very limited also, you have no idea that to whom you are saying “you have at least one reader in me, hope u get more readers in future”. Mr HemRaj Singh is one of the best writers india has today, and as far as reading his articles is concerned, then let me tell you the list of the readers in endless. Its just that, not all people have an access to facebook like you and me and sometimes even if they have, they donot necessarily comment. I myself have read many of his articles but i rarely comment on his blog as they are too “perfect” for anything else to be added by me. I used to read his articles in lawyers’ update even before i actually met him or added him on fb, so how could have i commented on them and make u aware that “you are not the only one to read them”? The articles on his blog are also published in lawyers’ update which is again read by a large number of people, so how can u ignore all of them and declare “iam the only reader”?
      Please choose your words very carefully next time, especially when talking to a person of such a high stature.
      I apologize if any part of the communication was rude.

      Astha Kaushik

    This is for the general information of all the people reading this blog, especially Hemendra Sharma.

    1.Mr Hemraj singh writes for a magazine called “lawyers’ Update” in which ‘legal trotternama’, thinkers and philosophy, ‘crime file’ and ‘lawyers’ fitness’ are specifically his own columns.

    2. He also has written a book called “lawyers’ Fitness”.

    3. His articles can also be found in:

    4. He also used to write for a magazine called “Northern India” while he was in his hometown.

    So, now Hemendra, please calculate the number of people who have visited all these sites and who have read the above mentioned magazines, and if u find yourself incapable in doing so, then i guess your “totally wrong perception” should fade away!
    The purpose to write this comment was only to increase your extremely limited information. I guess, this note will prove to be successful in solving the purpose.

    I don’t want you to be one among those ‘unfortunate’ students who pass out from UILS, little realizing that how ‘fortunate’ they are to be taught by Mr. HemRaj Singh.


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