Rang De Basanti, yet again!

I just reproduced my review of Rang De Basanti (particularly for my students) that I wrote quite a while ago. But it still amazes me – as it always did – that the movie was such a big hit! And not only that, it was – and is – also attributed with bringing about a positive change in the apathetic public attitude towards tragedies in general. Now, candle marches are seen and understood in the light of Rang De Basanti. Thankfully, it is the candles that the audience took from the movie and not the guns. Perhaps because there is a limitation to the so-called ‘suspension of disbelief’ – at least so far as this movie is concerned. And I am rather happy that we did not end up believing all that the movie had to say about the current political environment and its projected hopelessness. Indian democracy is bubbling with hopes and dreams, and so far there is nothing to shatter our pink romance.


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