Aarushi: Beyond truth

Truth in Aarushi case will never be known now and whatever will ever be known for truth will always remain suspect, more or less. Every single piece of information disclosed or unearthed will always remain in the shadow of doubt, and we’ll always have half-baked versions of relative truths.

By now there are so many theories, so many conceptions and so many pictures etched in the minds of the people that no one picture is correct. So, finally we’ll have no fixed picture at all.

We could now have nothing more than mutilated, re-stitched pieces of possible truths sewn together into a body simply because it’s not possible to have a vacuum.

Unfortunately, the character assassination of little Aarishi is complete and nothing can reverse it.

The question is no longer whether there could be any justice in Aarishi’s case. The only question is as to how far can the injustice be undone. Or, worse still, how far could further injustice be prevented, for there is certainly no way we could do any ‘justice’ to the little girl any longer.


2 thoughts on “Aarushi: Beyond truth

  1. This is true…..though sad…but don’t you think that things will be more clearer if Mrs.and Mr.Talwar speak up and probably tell what exactly happened the previous night…..this doesn’t necessarily mean that i am holding them responsible…..but ….how long can things go this way…already they have had such a big loss…which can n’t be compensated at all…and on top of that the police…is saying anything and everything about the little 14yr old…..just to cover their incompetence…..which was actually proven earlier …..Nithari Case being the biggest example……they are ruining the lives of the helpless parents who are actually trying to come to terms with the fact that their young one has been brutally murdered……
    So,the things that remains are……traumatised parents….anxious viewers….confused police…in a nut shell—-Another example…proving the ‘incompetence’ of Noida Police has been unveiled

  2. competent or incompetent, the noida police, STF or CBI whatever…the truth is aarushi’s parents never loved her. If it were, they would speak up the truth…..mistakes can happen to anyone.but if u confess, you are human….this thing is getting fishy….the talwar family themselves insisted on CBI probe and now they dont cooperate and seem to be giving controversial answers, which means they are hiding something. I feel the father himself did it……it is so horrifyingggg…………….if he were a true father and he did it ….he would have confessed…..HE IS NOT A HUMAN BEING…….GOD why do THOU make such people doctors???????????????????

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