Aarushi: Comprehensive character assassination

I have consistently maintained that the whole truth in Aarushi’s case has been lost forever, and whatever remains or will be discovered will be nothing more than scattered debris of the truth. A lot was said about Aarushi that could be ‘character assassination’. I do not include the truth within the meaning of ‘character assassination’, which is to say whatever that is true about Aarushi-Hemraj connection is necessarily outside the meaning of the expression. However, it seems that people have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that character assassination is complete, undoubted and unpardonable, regardless of the truth. Some part of what all has been said will be proved wrong.

I could not help the conclusion after reading this rather elaborate piece titled Aarushi-Hemraj double murder: Likely killers and the motivational theory. This write-up is simply shocking. It is ‘comprehensive character assassination’. The writer goes to the extent of covering everything that was left out. He goes ahead and makes a connection between the father and the daughter and also attaches the mother in the most repulsive way, and, of course, the servant.

So long as such fecund imaginations are at work we would never be short of theories, howsoever outlandish. Every point this fellow makes can be countered well enough. But that’s beside the point. The point lies in noticing as to how dark the darker recesses of human mind are. Amusing.


One thought on “Aarushi: Comprehensive character assassination

  1. I completely agree with you on this. Just read Gaurav’s post (via the link provided)
    and though the page title says’instablogs-every one has a view point’,I never
    thought -or even imagined-that anyone would really have one like this.This person is
    really interested in the case it seems and it is for this reason maybe, that he has
    come up with SUCH A THEORY.
    Could anyone have a wilder imagination than that???

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