Closing Aarushi

It’s time to close Aarushi. I have read enough and said enough. It is for the police to find out the truth and for the courts to test its veracity. So, let the indisputable truth be out first. It seems that in the blizzard of speculation we have not only lost the truth but also our own judgment. And I wrote my last post in order to demonstrate as to how far has this insanity gone.

Though it may sound a little insensitive, but the fact is that Aarushi’s case is no different from dozens of such cases that came before and hundreds that are to come after it. The kind of attention this case got cannot really be explained. Perhaps, it was shocking for the people that an educated father could kill his own daughter, or may be what intrigued the masses was the idea that the father killed for the reason claimed. Or may be in addition to the foregoing two factors there was nothing worthwhile going on, so media chose to splash it across the front pages. And when it caught the fancy of the people, they simply kept feeding it. After all, media is dutybound to tell what people want to know. It has no liberty to impose its own judgment of the desirability of a news item on the people. It’s free democracy in both the senses.

This is, therefore, going to be my last post about Aarushi unless something earthshaking happens compelling me to comment upon, or some legal issue attached to the case warrants discussion. I think I have already written quite a lot about it.

However, this does not mean I am somehow avoiding Aarushi, and we may return to it anytime. But I am quite willing to close it now, at least for some time.


One thought on “Closing Aarushi

  1. Maybe this is what we can, and should do because it will ultimately be the-one indisputable theory-that will be accepted.Thinking more and probably writing more will end up in the production of theories which are like Gaurav’s.And that’s not we what want.(Though our imaginations are not guarded by boundaries,our conscience does tell us about what can be put and what not)

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