Barack Obama: Yes, we can

Some said he was just too black, the other found him not black enough, and then they questioned his experience, integrity and the list keeps increasing like a liar’s proverbial nose.

They questioned as to whether or not he is speaking what he really believes in or had just invented the issues to see him through to the White House. When he took black fathers to task pointing out that they had been irresponsible and behaved like kids, they asked if he was parroting what had been said earlier and pandering to the white voters.

He was also attacked for being ‘just another politician’ – a very interesting charge. The accusation gives away the high expectation people around the globe have of him. They want him to prove – Americans and non-Americans alike – that he is not ‘just another politician’. In fact, they wish he could prove he was not a politician at all, and that he could successfully stand by his word irrespective of the adversity. People want Obama Superman.

What they fail to understand is that Obama is indeed a political Superman but not by being less of a politician but by being utterly political without making it overly obvious. A politician who becomes a Superman by not being a ‘politician’ would fail because a ‘superman politician’ can only mean a ‘super politician’ and not a ‘super-good-man-minus-politics’.

American needs hope and anyone that looks like the past fails to inspire any amount of confidence, which is why Obama is America’s future. He doesn’t look anything that went before him. He sounds genuine and seems to believe in things that are above and beyond acquiring and retaining power. Power to him seems and sounds like a means to a higher end rather than an end in itself.

However, to acquire and retain power is the single most important tool, for which even Obama has to indulge in politicking, which might look as though he were soiling his hands. But that has to be done. If he has to do anything worthwhile, he has to do it the way it is done – by diving deep in muck. There is no way around it. He cannot do everything he promises no matter how laudable the objective. And when he fails in that regard – which he surely will – he’ll be seen as a promise-breaker and as ‘just another politician’. Today’s absolute euphoria will give rise to tomorrow’s equally thorough disillusionment. And there is no way Obama can escape it completely.

And the world – and not just America – is watching intently. A recent survey points out that if all eligible voters across the world could participate in American polls, Obama would win hands down by a huge margin. So, the world wants the US to turn a new leaf.

The last and the most important question is that whether or not a racially divided US allow a black man take charge. If there was anyone in recent times, especially the last two decades, who deserved to be the US President – black or white, or black and white – it is Barack Obama.

So, can we have a black US President now? Yes, Barry, yes we can.


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