Careless nonsense

Thought of writing some rubbish, and here I am. Being meaningful and communicating substance can sometimes be a burden unbearable. The freedom of writing without having to say anything is such a liberating feeling. It’s the writing equivalent of having a thoughtless mind. I often wonder as to what it would be like to put together words that would be of no importance, the words that would communicate no idea, great or mean. The words that would stand together to blabber like brainless drunkards, talking a lot, making lots of blaring, deafening noise without saying anything at all. What freedom from ideas, what abandoning of meaning would that be!

Freedom, I know, is a myth. But the idea of breaking the chains of servility is also a great indulgence. And without the myth of freedom, the myth of emancipation cannot exist. Two never-ending myths make this world go round. Am I talking sense? Looks like. So, I fail again. I am not here to talk sense but to blabber nonsense! But then, as they say, there is order in chaos. So, perhaps this too is an orderly chaos, but a chaos nevertheless. Let me take heart in it.

Probably, creating a perfect chaos is nearly as difficult as bringing about perfect order. And that’s because creation itself is quite a difficult exercise irrespective of what one creates.

After all, there is no way to be carefully careless.

Anyway, talking nonsense was indeed wonderful. I’ll return to do some more of it. Keep dreading!


5 thoughts on “Careless nonsense

  1. Well sir,you ultimately ended up being ‘meaningful’ though you intended not to be…well,it was a pretty good try.Its obvious that the people who ‘think’ too much and whose ‘thinking’,’writing’and ‘speaking’skills are exceptionally good,will find it difficult to ‘blabber nonsense’ all of a sudden…But it does not mean that they can not do that….its never late to begin to learn right ;)….writing ‘meaningful stuff everytime also burdens the readers to comment meaningfully……Do return to write some more of NONSENSE ….

  2. You wrote this blog post to blabber “nonsense”,but I believe that a mind can never be thoughtless and similarly no word can be meaningless. Every word has a meaning ,a purpose . Though it is considered that drunkards just jabber , but don’t you think still those ‘words’ are meanigful .through those words they can express themselves freely and speak their heart out.Thus their words have a purpose.Its not necessary that a word would be meaningful for everyone.It can be nonsense for all but still may have meaning for one.We can’t expect that each word of ours will be a”word of wisdom”.Sometimes we need to talk nonsense because it is one of the best methods to lighten our minds……

  3. Dear Monica,
    Thanks for your remark. Mind can be thoughtless, which may also be desirable and extremely difficult. Deep meditation cannot be practiced without silencing the brain completely. But that’s a different matter altogether.
    I think the post very clearly says that there is order in chaos, which implies that it is absolutely impossible to be completely nonsensical so long as one is capable of following a logical pattern of thought.
    So far as words’ being meaningful is concerned, words gather relevance from the context, and when used improperly within the context or used outside proper context, they tend to lose their meaning and become nonsensical.
    I think I would write a brief post about it.
    Thanks again for taking time out to write a remark.

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