Blogging and Mr. Bachchan

Different people have different ideas about blogging, and equally diverse are the bloggers’ reasons to blog. Some want to simply write and place their writing before all unedited. They simply hate being edited. Others want to share with everyone the gems they find in the vast ocean of the Internet. Yet others write simply because everyone else is doing that. A few bloggers take offence of blogs that do not provide links to other sites.

So far as I understand a blog is an open diary for people to have an insight into the life and ideas of the blogger. Of course, if there are things that are of interest of others that a blogger comes across on the Internet, he or she may provide link and thereby share them, but that cannot be the indispensible prerequisite for a blog.

The most important aspect of blogging is regularity, which is what I primarily lack.

Most of the times, I write only when I have something significant to say (in my opinion, that is), and this is a habit that I need to break free from. Blogging is more about writing regularly more than anything else. And Amitabh Bachchan’s blog can indeed be quite an inspiration in that regard. The megastar has never missed writing his blog even for a day ever since he began blogging. And, of course, I am not as busy as the superstar.


4 thoughts on “Blogging and Mr. Bachchan

  1. Is it all that necessary to compare Yourself with Mr.Bacchhan,hmmm?We have a totally different life than his,right?
    And,writing,just for the sake of writing is not that important…is it?Probably no one would be interested in it.Leave aside everybody….will you yourself be happy while doing that?Would that not become something else then,and not a task that you like doing i.e putting across what you feel about something?
    I agree with you when you write that a blog is an open diary for people to have an insight into the life and ideas of the blogger….but then ,there may not be many who know the value of it….
    And you know ,sometimes being ‘regular’ does make people take you for granted….so,its perfectly alright if you remain the way you are 🙂

  2. Well, even if I want to change I cannot really do that. So, I’ll remain as erratic.
    However, it is a conventional wisdom that one should take the good from even the worst in the world.
    Our life is different from that of Mr. Bachchan’s in a very superficial sense. He does a different work, lives a different life, has different priorities, but life remains the same for him and for us at a deeper and higher level.
    That’s fodder for another post. 🙂

  3. No one can beat you in debating.If you have to put across a point,you ‘have’ to….
    What to say now…Hmmm….just ‘this’ semester and I’m going to be no less than that. 😉

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