Unpublished response to Arundhati Roy

A few months back I wrote an article in response to Ms. Arundhati Roy’s stinging analysis of judiciary, how it conducts its business and affects the lives of the people in general published in Outlook (Scandal in the Palace).

She is indeed a good writer, and a public crusader, whose passion for the people and their rights stands above challenge. However, when it comes to the courts and legal issues, her words just fail to work the same magic perhaps because they pack more passion than reason and carry a distinct, unmistakable rancour. Scandal in the Palace was no different.

But perhaps, my response matched Arundhati’s bitterness in her piece or perhaps was as senseless because LAWYERS UPDATE politely expressed its reluctance to publish the article because of its sharply critical tone capable of sparking controversy. A redoing was requested to purge the article of straight, unveiled attacks on Arundhati. Of course, there were no personal attacks, for irrespective of my disagreements with her I do have utmost regard for her literary acumen and public spirit.

However, I withdrew the article instead of ‘redoing’ it and wrote a fresh piece with only a passing reference to Arundhati’s article. It was found fit for publication. However, since it concerned the Chief Justice of India and the controversy surrounding the Sealing Drive in Delhi, LAWYERS UPDATE finally decided to leave the issue alone despite having commissioned the article in the first place because the subject matter itself was controversial. So, both the articles together with the subject itself were abandoned.

The Editorial Board did not want to run the risk of a controversy and there was no point in touching such a sensitive issue without consensus. So, we finally decided to drop the whole thing.


6 thoughts on “Unpublished response to Arundhati Roy

  1. Hmmm….none of the two articles that you wrote could be published in LAWYER’S UPDATE for the fear that they may lead to a controversy. But…this is your own blog na,your own space.Can’t you put them here?I don’t really know whether then, there would still be any possibility of objections being raised…..if there is no such problem,why not try putting it on blog?After all,its your blog,your space,your views…I know it may not be that simple but…why not try?

  2. Yes, I am indeed thinking of putting them up here. Of course, there is always a possibility of objections and controversy, given the sharpness of the piece. Changing the medium of communication does not matter. However, individually I am not scared of controversies as such. It’s just that at that time, there was no need to take a risk if the Editorial Board was not willing.
    There is no such problem here. šŸ™‚

    I need to find the article though.

  3. Looking forward to your finding and posting the two articles, Hemraj.

    I believe you when you say you study people, you seem to write seriously about topical issues. I have not really aimed to write anything serious. Perhaps that can change….

    I like your blogspot a lot. Keep up the good work. How long have been writing and blogging?

  4. Dear Reshmi,
    Thanks for visiting the blog and the kind words.
    The response to Arundhati’s ‘Scandal in the Palace’ has already been published by the title ‘Homeless Scandal’.

    I have been writing every since I learned the art of crystallizing thought into words and of reproducing those words on paper. However, my writing has been appearing in print since November 2005.

    I took to blogging around two years back, but have been blogging in the true sense only since November 2007, when I started this blog on WordPress.

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