‘The Compulsive Confessor’ revisited

I went back to Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan’s The Compulsive Confessor to find if I missed the secret to its being so popular. And while I was looking for the ingredients that made Meenakshi’s blog that popular I found that it was the right mix of right spices that perhaps made it click with the readers. Quite surely she did not want her to be identified, which is why she uses a pseudonym. All she wanted was to communicate incognito. Ironically, that made her famous. She could be open, frank and confessing simply because she knew that she was not being judged by people who saw her, met her and talked to her everyday. She knew that she did not run the risk of being avoided the next day by her next door neighbour simply because she disclosed on her blog that she slept with a boyfriend the previous night after having drunk herself out of her senses. The anonymity added to her candour, which made her blog popular bringing her into limelight.

So far as her blog is concerned, I could not find anything that could interest me. But The Compulsive Confessor would continue to draw readers because it gives an insight into the inner life of an outgoing urban youngster of the modern world. It has lessons for anyone who would care to see. And for all those who are there for fun, there is indeed enough fun out there.


7 thoughts on “‘The Compulsive Confessor’ revisited

  1. Hmm…that was what even I thought when I read her blog for the first time and I found it not less than that of Aamir’s…letting your personal life incidents to be read…in order to gain popularity(if I can call it that)is not a property of a good author.Is it?
    But then there are many who look for that particular ingredient and they are the ones who read….have fun….
    For the others…who are a l’il different…its not even a time pass…

  2. I read her book first and wasn’t really impressed. then decided to visit her blog to know what has made her “Among India’s most popular bloggers” .
    Nothing, its just right mix of spice…sex adventure,booze and revealing ur personal life using a pseudo name. Public generally interested in all that.
    Apart from that there is no substance in her writing.
    wat a waste of money

  3. hey guys..the point is she represents a cross section of the restless Indian youth. And the point she is a female, gives the audience ( both male & female) A sort of sub-erotic pleasure..and the intense identification it brings in is also important.

  4. The book sucks big time!! and the blog is even worse … I can understand the level of people who follow her blog.

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