Save Maharashtra from Adolf Raj

Jaya Bachchan just wanted to say that she is proud of her roots and liked speaking Hindi (it’s not her mother tongue, by the way; Bengali is). Mr. Raj Thackeray, of course, doesn’t like anyone to be proud of anything but Maharashtra and his intellectual and political landscape does not stretch beyond his home state and ‘his’ people, whatever that means. I wouldn’t be surprise if tomorrow he calls for Maharashtra to be renamed as ‘Maratha Republic of Maharashtra’ with Marathi as the official language. He has quite forgiven Jaya Bachchan because the head of the family Mr. Amitacbh Bachchan tendered an unconditional public apology saying that he is regrets if anyone was hurt on account of Jaya’s utterance.

So, Jaya Bachchan or anyone else, for that matter, has no right to be proud of his language or culture. All he or she can be proud of is Maharashtra. Mr. Raj is out to impose restrictions not only on what one says but also on what one is proud of. Nothing in Jaya’s statement is innately offending. She expressed what she felt about something and certainly did not intend to make anyone feel in any particular way. Her right to freedom of speech and expression is an inviolable fundamental right. And the right simply cannot be taken away by the threat of violence held out by the likes of Raj. The state government of Maharshtra cannot allow the subversion of Constitution by such vested political interests. Raj simply has no business going around gagging people with a threat of violence. Isn’t that a terror tactic? No wonder, Raj is all praise for Hitler’s ‘organizational skills’.


7 thoughts on “Save Maharashtra from Adolf Raj

  1. You analyse everything so well…..why can’t we just make him realize his limits? It would be great ‘if’ someone could do that …..who has the position and authority to be able to tell him that everyone’s beliefs are their own….and he is no one to express his disapproval of them….

  2. jalta hai sale marathi aadme se tu, aukad me rahi varna tereko aur sare up bihirayo ko bhagti zameen kam pad jayegi, maratha hamesha talwar ke liye famous hai, samne aayega to kat ke tukde kar denge, itna marange ki pant me taati kar dega, aur ek baat sun, na shaap hai, na paap hai, marathi aadmi ko ye up bihariyo ka taap hai, darr mat sale raj thakare sab up bihariyo ka baap hai, agar itna guroor hai to tere state ke log maharashtra me kay zakh marane ko aate hai, marathi admi gaye 600 salo se addhe se jyada bharat par rajya kar chuke hai, aaj bhi marath admi raja hai is bharat ka , aur agar tereko lagta hai ki marathi hitler hai to wo bhi sahi, par ye mat bhol ki agar marathi hitler hai to tu jew hai, aur ye blog pe phaltu ka bakhan chod de varna rahul raj ke ghar walo ke jaisa tere ghar walo ko baad me pachtana pade?

  3. Dear Mr. Baap,
    Thanks for your comment. It was indeed quite informative and very explicit. It is also indicative of what what Mr. Raj Thackeray so heavily banks upon. Not that we did not know; just that you reinforced our understanding of it all.

    Needless to say that it was very much upto to me to disallow or edit your comment. I did neither and chose to allow it unabridged. You might be unwilling to allow some people on the land that is not ‘absolutely’ yours, but I would still welcome you in the territory that is ‘absolutely’ and ‘unquestionably’ mine.

    I may or may not agree with your views, but I would still not deny you your right to criticize me in whatever language you choose to employ.

    You have as much right to express yourself as I have. Of course, there are certain very reasonable restrictions to be respected, which your remarks seem to be in breach of. But this once I would rather ignore the breach.

    Thanks and Regards
    HemRaj Singh

  4. are yaar tu ne bola (So, Jaya Bachchan or anyone else, for that matter, has no right to be proud of his language or culture) kuch samajha hamare raj sahab thakrey not (Adolf Raj) is doing same he feels proud abuot his culture.

    saale angraz ki aulad

    1. Dear Mr. Ashish,
      Your Mr. Thackeray is imposing his ‘pride’ on others. He is not ‘being’ proud, but asking those to be ‘proud’ who simply have nothing to do with whatever you refer to as ‘culture’ of Mr. Thackeray’s private brand. You have the right to decide for yourself and not for others. If such an elementary distinction fails to find its way into your understanding, I guess it would just need a better drill.

      By the way, the English (‘angrez’, not ‘angraz’) have nothing to do with it. They left us long time back to let us wage our wars against each other. And the likes of Mr. Thackeray are doing a good job of it ably supported by the likes of your own self.

      Thanks for your valuable time.

      PS: I allowed this comment to appear solely because your viewpoint, howsoever illogical, in your words, howsoever inappropriate, deserves to appear. That’s because your right to freedom of speech is dearer to me than others’ rights are to Mr. Thackeray’s ilk.

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