Modi’s I-told-you-so gets Advani’s ‘that’s-right’

The bomb blasts rocked Delhi and Mr. Modi came out with an earthshaking told-you-so disclosure that he had warned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the possibilty of blasts in Delhi. And of course, from his side there is no politics in fight against terror. Of course, there is none because fight against terror suit Modi’s politics like it was tailor-made for it.

Mr. Advani went ahead backing Modi’s claims insisting that “this time, the government can’t even tell that the Delhi blasts took
place due to intelligence failure. Our Gujarat chief minister had
already forewarned them.” That’s wonderful. So, simply being aware of the possibility of blasts in Delhi is enough intelligence to prevent them. In that case the government could never blame it on lack of intelligence, not today, not before, not ever after because the possibility of bomb blasts in Delhi has always been there ever since terrorists started targeting the nation with bomb blasts. By the same token, Gujarat blasts could well be prevented because after Gujarat pogrom, the possibility of such backlash was bang in our faces. So, why did Mr. Modi fail to prevent them?

Terrorism is a far more complex issue and to treat it as a criminal-justice problem would only aggravate the situation. It’s a disease that needs healing and not a thorn that could simply be pulled out with a swift jerk. Until we understand the distinction well and agree on it whole-heartedly, we’ll keep fighting elusive, dark shadows.


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