Back To The Blog With Thorough Nonsense

For the past one year or so I have hardly written anything for this blog specifically primarily because of the paucity of time. Nearly all of my posts in the recent past have been the articles that I wrote for the print media. That’s not all that bad, for publishing some of the articles here widens their reach and also provides them the longevity that I control.

The flip-side is that most of the posts tend to be very grim and long with majority of them dealing with thick legal issues that nobody – not even lawyers – would really like to get into for fun despite that some of the legal issues are actually funny. Of course not the one that I talk about in my articles. They are generally too dry on fun.

But that doesn’t mean my blog is going to be a circus now on. Okay, to face the truth, it’s not not because I don’t want to be entertaining; but because I am not really funny. So, as much as I want to be make people laugh, I just don’t have the required sense of humour to be entertaining enough. So, I would stick to being ‘serious, just a little less’. And that should make my blog readers hate me a little less for my monotonous writing.

Ultimately, it boils down to this that expecting funny posts of me is expecting an impossibly lot. But quite surely there is world outside the courtrooms and significant issues of non-legal character, some of which are quite entertaining. Also, the readers of my blog deserve a little more variety than my blog presently offers. With that thought in mind I decided to turn my attention to the blog, and write something for the blog alone; something to be found only here and nowhere else.

Next was the issue of picking up a topic to write on. Didn’t we learn that in the school about the essays? All essays have topics. So, you decide what you want to write on, and then begin. And ‘only’ then begin.

Often, there were topics served up to us to try our writing skills on. But that’s no fun really. Why write about ‘something’? Why think about ‘something’? Why is it so necessary to be specific? Why can’t the thoughts simply saunter around under the kind sun of a winter afternoon? Stream of consciousness? Not really. I don’t want to get that serious yet again. I did attempt to write nonsense on many previous occasions as well with little or no success. So, here I am trying yet again. And no, I am not serious about writing ‘nonsense’, for that would start making sense again. Where is the problem? No. Where is my problem with all this?

I guess the problem lies with the very understanding of what nonsense is. Nonsense, quite obviously, is something that makes no sense. And when does something stop making sense? When it appears disjointed and without reason. A man is crazy only when his behaviour is completely discordant with all patterns of behaviour that we are familiar with under the given circumstances. The same applies to all kinds of expressions, too. An expression is senseless only and only when it does not relate to anything that precedes or follows it.

Excessively rational minds find it nearly impossible to break the mould. And that’s because their consistent training prevents them from taking the plunge into the darkness of senselessness. Don’t mistake it for fear. Rational minds are not essentially cowardly. It’s not cowardice that stops them but the complete bafflement. They have no idea what it means to dive into meaninglessness. Where is meaninglessness? We have been told that the world is meaningless and there is no reason why we are here, why we are alive, why we do what we do, why we breathe and why everything exists and why non-existence is not the order of our world. So, there is no meaningfulness anywhere.

There is no such central meaning, central theme, central philosophy of existence to be found anywhere that runs across all things past, present and future. So, if there is no meaningfulness found, it has to be meaningless? That’s a harder question to ponder because we know how to look for meaning, but we have no idea as to what it is like to look for meaninglessness because we have always known that meaninglessness is simply lack of meaning and is thus opposed to meaningfulness. In other words, absence of meaningfulness is meaninglessness just like darkness is nothing but absence of light.

Do I make sense at all? No? Bingo! The nonsense would continue. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Back To The Blog With Thorough Nonsense

  1. Wonderfully put together 🙂 .While meaningfulness and meaninglessness create confusion without causing much
    discomfort , I’d like to hold on to the term ‘meaninglessness ‘ because it so fascinates me. You rightly said that ‘meaninglessness is simply lack of meaning’ , but probably , for me it’s not ‘opposed to meaningfulness’ itself.

    Looking at it from the other end , one may actually understand the meaninglessness of all things only after having understood the true fundamental meaning of everything , Like Lord Buddha .. for that awareness of meaninglessness became the very source of knowledge or enlightenment .

    On the other hand , like you already mentioned an insane person has discordant behaviour and we often tend to see no sense in what that person says or does. But one may realise in time that they often speak ” the less spoken truth ” which is usually hard to comprehend . I like to believe that the absurdity they display or express through their words or actions is laden and stemming from the very understanding of life , they acquire during their intense struggle of finding reasons or answers to the meaninglessness they are subjected to , before they finally resign to the existing order/disorder :p

    This is why I believe for ‘ Nonsense’ ; ‘Meaningfulness’ ; and ‘Meaninglessness ‘ to be so precious :p . This is just my perception regarding these few words evoked because of your blog 🙂 and your blog is quite a fun thing to read ! 🙂 Now , there I leave a loong
    reply ! 😀

    Thank you . 🙂

  2. I have never heard of a more sensible definition of “nonsense” before. I would just say, the article is the most perfect way in which nonsense could have been presented.

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