Hail Maggi! Save Tomatoes!

My heart went seriously out – not literally, or even in the romantic metaphorical sense; well, just in a manner of speaking – to the tomatoes in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara as the trio with strange love stories went prancing about in the juice and pulp of the lovely tomatoes. Come on! Leave the ‘zindagi’, save ‘tomatoes’! There are more people than tomatoes in this country! And yet, some crazy idiots thought we could celebrate ‘La Tomatina’ in this nation of tomato-less people! The government proved more sensitive to the tomatoes than it usually is to the poor and distressed who are not tomatoes. So, it ran head-on to save the cute, round, red things. Somebody in the government really liked Bloody Mary, I suspect. No tomatina! End of the story.

I am fine with Farhan, Hritik and Abhay going to Spain and playing with their tomatoes. Back home, they need to look at the tomatoes with greater reverence. Our students down here hardly get tomatoes for their late-night Maggi to go with Facebooking while the Spanish give it all to their cows and bulls, and then have the same tomato-fed bulls chase people down for fun! Somebody tell them to bring their tomatoes down to India, give them to our Maggi boys here and see how they chase all the Spanish folks right into the Mediterranean down to the bottom and back up. Hail Maggi!


One thought on “Hail Maggi! Save Tomatoes!

  1. Ha ha ha! Where do these thoughts come to you from? In “ooh la la” video all you found worthy of your attention were the oranges and in “Zindagi na milegi dobaara”, the tomatoes.
    Hello! Indian filmmakers,
    My sincere request to you people is, your creative bankruptcy is annoying the best brains of the country to the hilt. Well, not everybody will take oranges for what you might be Suggesting them as.

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