Where did the ‘Dirty’ oranges go?

I am unsure and rather perplexed at my newfound fruit-friendliness. Whenever I watch the The Dirty Picture song ‘Ooh La La’, which keeps flashing every now and then on the TV screens of the cafes I frequent, I feel very concerned about the oranges – two-truck full! – rolled downhill while Naseer and Vidya Balan do their ‘thing’ on the green grass. Poor grass. Must be wondering what to make of the old Naseer and the young-flesh Balan rolling together.

Where did the oranges go after the shot, I find myself wondering, and come up with a new bizarre answer each time I ponder the question. They perhaps found their way back to the fruit carts, and were ‘resold’. But then, why would Ekta Kapoor allow the oranges to be resold when she had already purchased the whole lot? I am not sure if the producers are that generous. But then, it’s a bit difficult to imagine Ekta and Tushar selling oranges on the streets of a South Indian suburban town. And two truck-full oranges are difficult to consume for a Bollywood film unit, or can they really stomach as much?!

Well, who knows! Given our national tendency aptly demonstrated in ‘3 Idiots’ to line up or gatecrash wherever there is a whiff of free lunch – langar or wedding – nothing is really impossible. “Order no lunch! We have oranges today!” Ekta Kapoor might have gaily announced with North Indians muttering under their breath, “Thank God, no dosa, idli today.”


One thought on “Where did the ‘Dirty’ oranges go?

  1. With a smile on my lips, all I am thinking right now, after reading your article is, why didn’t I think of this? Rather, there would be hardly anybody who would have thought on those lines at all. In the entire video, which is full of ‘things’ which deserve attention, all that you found noteworthy were the oranges! I would say, what a controlled mind! 🙂

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