The Website and the Official Facebook Page

Website 1I am happy to announce the humble launch of ‘‘ and my official Facebook Page to share some of my work and my concerns. Much of the content published onhemrajsingh.comwas originally written for and published in LAWYERS UPDATE at different times. Through the website I am putting some of my published work at one place for better accessibility.

With the launch of the website, the nature of this blog would alter a little because so far I have been using this blog to republish some of my previously published work, which the above-mentioned website would do now.

FB PageTherefore, from this point onward this Blog, which has been my primary Blog for long, would turn more blog-like, by which I mean it would now be a little more informal and just a bit more personal, like a blog ideally should be.

So far as the official Facebook Page is concerned, it is basically to voice my concerns publicly on Facebook because, after all, personal Facebook profiles are meant to connect with people one knows personally, and are not supposed to be used for public communication.

My official Facebook Page is by no means a ‘Fan Page’. I am not a celebrity and I don’t really have ‘fans’ in any real sense of the term. So, the Page is simply a place where one can connect with me without having to add me as a ‘Friend’ on Facebook, and have a look at whatever I think, write and consider worth paying attention to.

Website 2The website in question was created over a period of four months beginning on March 1, 2015, when the basic idea, look and feel of the website was finalized. The design work was complete around the mid of May 2015 and the content upload was started thereafter.

The website went live on July 1, 2015 with a total of 205 articles. However, there were minor changes and adjustments to be made after the website went live, which were carried out over the course of the next month (July 2015). And today on August 1, 2015, we present to you both ‘‘ and ‘‘. I extend my gratitude to all who lent a helping hand. Thank you. 🙂


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