That’s No Grandpa!

After having watched people share the video showing an elderly man commonly referred to as ‘grandpa’ teaching football to the youngsters, I thought that the truth about the video must be told. Not that the truth was really hidden, but people never bothered to look for it, like always.

Grandpa Football 2I might not have bothered either, but I did look into it simply because the movements of this man in the video did not have the caution associated with ageing. It’s not about fitness; it’s about having lived long enough to know the vagaries of life. Old men can be daring, too, but rarely to show off or to prove a point. The movements of the old man had this youthful recklessness typical of youngsters, which made me suspicious of the story the video was trying to tell.

The truth is that the man in the video is no ‘grandpa’. It’s 31-year-old (born on June 18, 1984) freestyle French Footballer Sean Garnier (Arnaud “Séan” Garnier), who dressed up as an old man to surprise the audience, and succeeded, perhaps better than he had expected.

Garnier is something of a maverick when it comes to football. Having trained to become of football instructor, he went on to combine music, break-dance, somersaults and many football and basketball moves to create a unique style of playing around with the ball. Many put Garnier among the most skilled football players in the world although Garnier never really played football at international level, as the spate of injuries did not let his career as a professional footballer flourish.

Here is the full version of the video in question for ready reference.


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