Inoffensive Padmavat: What do Rajputs do now?

From what I hear of Padmavat (haven’t seen, and don’t intend to for my own un-Rajput, un-kshatriya anti-garbage reasons), it seems the Rajputs have been burning buses in protest over a movie that glorifies them to the moon and back, and ridicules Khilji to the dark underworlds and further down. Such irony! That’s what happens when you are aching to take offence a little too readily and without application of mind, or, for that matter, analysis of the subject matter in question.

What do you do if you have taken offence already and later find that the thing in question was not really offensive to begin with? Do you apologize for creating the ruckus and walk away? That would the rational and reasonable thing to do? But how about honour? How could a Rajput with his gilded and elevated nose allow such ignoble loss of face? After all, face is where the nose is and where the nose is cannot be ‘lost’ even figuratively. So, what do they do? Nothing very different from what any conceited, mindless bag of muscles and bones would do, which is stay the course, right or wrong.

Course correction, as we know, is a reason-dictated option for the rational in such circumstances. For the Rajputs, however, life is about bravery, courage, valour, pride, honour, dignity… and… well, invite all the synonyms of these words from their respective resting places in the thesaurus lest any of them should feel left out of a grand Rajputana celebration. So, with the offence mistakenly taken already, what do they do? They continue with the protests anyway as long as it keeps them in the limelight perhaps because this time the Rajput valour has a political shade to it.


One thought on “Inoffensive Padmavat: What do Rajputs do now?

  1. I never understood what exactly was the protest about. The film is based on “Padmavat” which is written by Malik Muhammad Jaysi and also which is a part of the syllabus for Masters of Arts (Hindi) course in Delhi University.

    Secondly, the director has nowhere “insulted” the character of the queen as stated by the protestors. In fact, the dialogues that deal with the description of her beauty, are at best suggestive of an unprecedented and unsurpassed beauty. Not a single dialogue describes her beauty in a way which might sound offensive. Whereas, the original work takes good care of the details. This is how the beauty of Queen Padmavati is described by Malik Muhammad Jaysi in his work:

    चौथी कहौं पदमिनी नारी। पदुम-गंध ससि देउ सँवारी॥
    पदमिनि जाति पदुम-रँग ओही । पदुम-बास, मधुकर सँग होहीं ॥
    ना सुठि लाँबी, ना सुठि छोटी । ना सुठि पातरि, ना सुठि मोटी ॥
    सोरह करा रंग ओहि बानी। सो, सुलतान !पदमिनी जानी ॥
    दीरघ चारि, चारि लघु सोई। सुभर चारि, चहुँ खीनौ होई॥
    औ ससि-बदन देखि सब मोहा । बाल मराल चलत गति सोहा ॥
    खीर अहार न कर सुकुवाँरी । पान फूल के रहै अधारी ॥
    सोरह करा सँपूरन औ सोरहौ सिंगार ।
    अब ओहि भाँति कहत हौं जस बरनै संसार||

    (स्त्री-भेद-वर्णन-खंड, पद्मावत, मालिक मोहम्मद जायसी)

    “First she has long hair, which entrances the mind: and the long fingers of her hands are beautiful.
    She has long eyes and glances brightly therewith. She has a long neck, and three lines on her throat. Next, she has short teeth which are like diamonds: she has small breasts which protrude like lemons: she has a small forehead, like a radiant crescent moon: and her navel is small, the abode of sandal fragrance. Her nose is slender, like the edge of a sword: her waist is slender as though she had defeated a lion. Her stomach is slender, as though she had no intestines: her lips are slender and red with the hue of coral. Her cheeks are broad, you may see in them the splendour of her face: her buttocks are broad, when one sees them, the mind is entranced. Her forearms are made extremely broad, her thighs are broad and she has the gait of an elephant. I have described the sixteen signs of beauty which make the gods covetous.”
    (Page 275, Padmavati, by A. G. Shirreff, I.C.S.)

    So, has anyone from Karni Sena read the original work?
    If yes, why do the members of Karni Sena not protest to remove “Padmavat”from the syllabus of M.A., Hindi, DU? Why have they been tolerating such explicit description of the youth and beauty of their beloved queen whose “half naked” belly in the song “Ghoomar” was absolutely intolerable to them?
    And If No, what on earth is/was the protest about?

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