Returning to Blogging

When I announced the launch of the official website ( and also the official Facebook Page by a separate post on this blog (The Website and the Official Facebook Page) published on August 1, 2015, I also said that with a separate website for my already published writing in place, this blog would turn into more of a blog with more of personal, informal and freeflowing posts. It has not really happened so far for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I am basically a very private person; more like the colour black (or may be dark grey), which absorbs more and reflects relatively less.

But, honestly, I don’t think that really is the reason for my not having made this blog more blog-like because while I might not be big on sharing my personal life with the world — which I am pretty sure nobody is interested in anyway — I do have my everyday thoughts and concerns. So much keeps happening in the world, and short posts about a few things of grave concern would not do much harm even if they do not change the world.

Being silent on important issues is not exactly ‘innocent’, even if it is not always criminal. The actual reason basically has been lack of time, by which I mean that in prioritizing things, I might have felt that my time is put to better use elsewhere than at the keyboard typing out things that few people would take the trouble of reading; fewer would try to understand the concern expressed therein; and far fewer would actually feel that it is even a concern. But even that is not an excuse good enough for not putting one’s genuine concerns out in open.

So, I can’t really say that I would make this blog more interesting from now on, but I would certainly try — only try — to write more often, and would try to keep the posts short and simple, for I understand the time constrains of my readers, if there are any.

After all, if I have created a blog, it is my responsibility to keep it ticking. For inspiration in this respect one can always look at Shri Amitabh Bachchan, for few people are quite as busy as Shri Bachchan, and if he can write his blog every night without fail, lesser mortals like me really have no excuse to not write a post or two every now and then.

So, dear reader (subscriber), you might be in for an increase in the number of notifications you receive, but feel free to disconnect if you find the posts boring or pointless. 🙂