Bloggers are not writers

Expecting all bloggers to come up with staggering prose is actually expecting a little too much. And if you think that those who cannot really write all that well should not start a blog at all, you are wrong again. Basically, blog is not meant for the writers because writers write books and articles. Blogging is like a personal space in public view, an open diary. Blogging is an engagement far more personal than any other kind of writing. It is essentially meant to showcase the outsides of the writer together with the insides of his private being. No novel or autobiography can achieve that feat for a simple reason that in a novel the reader knows that much of it is imagination with the sprinkling of truth a little here and a little there. And there is no way to sieve the truth out of the fiction. An autobiography, on the other hand, is a condensed account of the writer’s life as he sees it. It is loaded with perception of the writer and it is he who chooses as to what he feels is more significant. Naturally, an autobiography of a 60 year old legendary figure simply cannot be a day to day account of all those years. But a blog can be.

Every single day is important in itself and a blog records it all allowing the readers to make their own choices about what to take from the life of the author. The readers become the judges instead of the author. The author becomes more of an author and less of a pre-writing editor of his own writing.

However, a blog that’s excessively self-absorbed interests nobody except for a circle of close friends and acquaintances. The best approach to blogging would be to see and express the person in the backdrop of the larger reality of one’s times.

I am still not sure how to look at Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan’s The Compulsive Confessor because though it is intensely personal, it takes its colour from the fact that the writer is a young girl from urban India with her ‘liberated’ lifestyle on generous display. Therefore, a social background is automatically provided to Meenakshi’s very personal and rather irrelevant life, which is why The Compulsive Confessor clicks with the readers. Meenakshi’s blog simply draws vivid sketches and the reader fill in their own colours. Therefore, some see her as the bold new face of Indian youth, while others consider her the symbol of a decaying civilization; an indication of our misplaced values and withering cultural foundations.


11 thoughts on “Bloggers are not writers

  1. Hey Hemraj, first time ‘Hemraj Visited’ for me. I should have done this before. And now my life is just getting busy and busier…I hope you keep in touch so my ever failing memory can be jogged into action to reading your entries here and commenting. I am hearing of Meenakshi and A compulsive Confessor for the first time and she sounds tres interesting. I really have to wean off AB to find the time to spend on your blogs, Hemraj but it will be time well spent!

    Keep up the good work…and I can learn about the world from you instead … blogs are all about me…it will be eerie to move away but I will try to put in an odd objective one for you…see you around, sport!

  2. i stand all amazed

    by neil labute

    it’s astonishing how needy people are. i had no idea. it was a technical advancement like anything else — the microwave or the radio. the blog was born and millions of gasping little voices appeared, spilling out of their journals and crying a chorus of ‘me, me, me!’ so many electronic hands reaching out. some collective ‘i was here.’

  3. Sir,people here with me have started thinking about starting to write their blog,after reading this post of yours….. 🙂

  4. Dear Mahima,
    It’s an age-old adage that one should either write about things worth reading about or do things worth writing about.

    Multiplicity of voices is the foremost virtue of democracy, and the resultant clamour its worst curse. So, don’t speak simply because you have voice but only when you have a point. Or else, our nation would gladly celebrate the birth of another Arundhati. 🙂

    Worse still, if you start a blog without having anything to say you would end up being me. And, of course, nothing could be worse. 🙂

  5. Now,I completely disagree with the last part of your comment,Sir…that’s not right….here people are wishing that they become like you..atleast me..and you put such things for yourself….bad…
    By the way,this new layout looks really nice the Recent Comments one that you added …looks Complete 🙂

  6. Hi HemRaj,

    Very well written blog, I will be a regular visitor :-). If someone were to ask me about my idea of a well written blog, this one would top it. It has the right doses of everything – timeliness, content and opinions.

    Coming to Compulsive Confessor, I am not a big fan either – but then I am not a fan of Silhouette Romance either :-). And they sell big too.

    DM (

  7. Hi davematt,
    Thanks a lot for visiting the blog and taking time out to write a comment. And of course I can’t thank you enough for the kind words and generous appreciation. I would try my best to meet your expectations.

  8. late response to your letter….

    i didn’t write the post, it is a piece of flash fiction by neil labute. i simply quoted it…

    i believe, knowing how he has spoken of bloggers, that he feels they are needy in the sense they have to have attention from someone somewhere about their words spoken, their lives, etc.

    hope that helps.

  9. Hi Hemraj,
    I always see you as as a profound writer. Though I am new to the field but would like to say timeliness of content and insight into matter along with large playground of words, where each word is well placed at its position makes your blog worth and interesting read!
    And its nice to know now that my friend is becoming an inspiration for many to write or blog!!
    Keep it up.

  10. i am so sorry sir, i didnt know at all that i dont have to search for the “magazine” in my library which is always a late arrival. if i had known about your blog i would have obviously done even better in my last constitution moot which was on blogging.

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